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Root Canal Therapy


Root Canal Therapy


Root Canal Treatment for Infected Teeth

When you have a tooth infection, your dentist may recommend root canal therapy as a solution. Root canals are tiny ducts that run from just below the top of the tooth right down to the tip of the tooth. Each of your tooth has between 1-4 root canals and infection in them can be seriously harmful to the inner pulp and root of the tooth, which is when corrective therapy may be required.

Recognize the Signs of Trouble and When to Seek Help

Pain and sensitivity in your teeth are one of the first signs that you may have root canal trouble. If you have a tooth infection then over time this can spread and cause small pockets of pus to develop around the tooth or on the gums – if this happens an abscess may form leading to intense throbbing, pain in the jaw, neck and ear.

If you experience any of these symptoms schedule an appointment to come and see us and get your teeth assessed.

Don’t Resort to Tooth Extraction

Root canal treatment can avoid the need for tooth extraction. In this type of therapy your dentist will remove diseased tissue to stop the infection from spreading.

How the Root Canal Process Works

  • Step 1: A small hole is drilled from the top of the tooth into the inner chamber
  • Step 2: Any diseased tissue is removed, the inner chambers are cleaned and the canals are reshaped
  • Step 3: The tooth inner chamber is filled with medication to prevent infection

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