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Dental Bridges


Dental Bridges


Restore Your Natural Teeth Line With Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to bridge gaps between your teeth. A missing tooth can be filled with a bridge that is bonded to the teeth on either side. The result is a permanent solution that helps to restore your original smile.

Dental bridges don’t require surgery and are sometimes preferred by clients over implants for this reason.

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Quality Materials and Designs Used to Create Bridges

Bridges are made from porcelain, gold alloys, or a mixture of materials. With porcelain finish options your new tooth may be almost indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Bridges are long-lasting

Bridges can be fixed or removable. Fixed bridges or fixed partial dentures are semi-permanent and should be cleaned out by a dentist; this is contrary to a removable bridge which you can clean yourself.

Choosing the Right Type of Bridge

There are options to suit a range of budgets and needs. Your dentist can discuss your options with you, including fixed bridges, cantilever bridges and resin-based bridges.

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